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4 JULY 2017

Kotlin Preferences Extensions

Kotlin extensions to easily fetch/put data from/to sharedpreferences

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4 JULY 2017 Edited on 4 JULY 2017

Firebase chat sample

A sample app that shows basic usage of Firebase Auth and Database in form of a very simple chat hub app

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2 JULY 2017

Kotlet! Just another Kotlin sample app

Just another Kotlin sample Android application plus some docs I've collected

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21 JUNE 2017

RxContacts 2

Fetch your contacts using RxJava with a single line of code

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17 MAY 2017 Edited on 22 MAY 2017

Android Search Dialog

An awesome and customizable search dialog with built-in search options.

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24 MARCH 2017

Persian calendar view for android - افزونه تقویم فارسی اندروید

Flexible solar calendar for your android projects.

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Json data mocking for Okhttp

Mock your datas for Okhttp and Retrofit in json format in just a few moves

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23 OCTOBER 2016 Edited on 23 OCTOBER 2016

Android Blur View

A library for adding blur or other custom effects to views in a single line.

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23 OCTOBER 2016 Edited on 23 OCTOBER 2016

Carousel Slider In Unity 3D

In this tutorial im going to give you a class that draws a sliding carousel within the given rect. I think it could be very useful in your games so if you were looking for something like this, read this post to the end.

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23 OCTOBER 2016

C++ Ludo game

Ludo game written in c++

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